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Securities Fraud

Protecting People Charged With Securities And Investment Fraud in Salt Lake City

Securities Fraud

Allegations of involvement in securities fraud can ruin an otherwise promising career, so it is critical to talk with an attorney as soon as you believe you are being investigated. Quick action gives your criminal defense lawyer time to prepare a strong defense, and it may even prevent charges before they are filed.

At my Salt Lake City law firm, I use my more than 15 years of experience to represent people accused of securities fraud and other white collar crimes. I defend my clients in State and Federal Courts in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Utah. Please contact my law office to schedule a free consultation.

Most of the securities fraud cases I handle are resolved in plea negotiations — not at trial. In most matters, negotiations with prosecutors often lead to quick resolutions at hearings before judges. However, not every negotiation is successful. Even so, I never let my clients settle for less than they deserve. If a plea deal can’t be reached, I have what it takes to successfully take your case to trial.

Salt Lake City Investment And Securities Fraud Attorney

Criminal securities fraud litigation is complex. Many of my clients were doing well until they reached a financial shortage. These, financial problems led to allegations of “pyramid schemes” or “Ponzi schemes”. Despite my clients’ frantic efforts and hard work, criminal charges were filed against them.

Investment and securities fraud covers an array of topics, including the following:

  • Stock fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Stock and investment fraud
  • Financial advisor fraud
  • Creating fraudulent business entities
  • Fraudulent/illegitimate business corporations
  • Non disclosure
  • Price fixing/manipulation of stock prices

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My exclusive focus as a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer has helped me perfect successful legal strategies that are proven to be effective in Utah Courts. Throughout the years, I have achieved a history of favorable results by helping hundreds of people successfully reduce or avoid criminal charges. My clients’ positive testimonials tell their stories.

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If you are facing criminal charges, it is crucial to seek representation from an experienced Salt Lake City defense attorney with an extensive track record for protecting the rights of each client. To learn more, call my law office for a free initial consultation. I am available by phone at 801-783-3488 or toll free at 877-753-1247.

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