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Salt Lake police add drug charges in dine-and-dash probe

Salt Lake police add drug charges in dine-and-dash probe

Often when police seek to arrest a person on suspicion of one thing, authorities may look around for ways to link a person to other offenses. At times, an investigation into one event may lead to allegations of completely separate incidents based upon events that develop during an encounter with law enforcement. At other times, authorities may think that a person suspected of a particular type of offense has engaged in similar other events in the past.

As allegations pile up, the exposure to potential harsh consequences can also pile deeper. Notably, prosecutors still have the burden to prove each and every offense beyond a reasonable doubt—and separately.

Allegations of failing to pay a restaurant tab have led to a string of charges against a Colorado man in Salt Lake City. Police claim that the man had frequented eight different restaurants in the Salt Lake area beginning in September, often bringing other patrons with him. But, when it came time to pay the tab, authorities say that the man fled with his friends without paying.

Authorities say that a report of a dine-and-dash incident last week at an Olive Garden restaurant was among eight separate incidents that can be linked to the Colorado man. Police believe that the man and a woman fled the Olive Garden without paying for roughly $86 worth of food on November 5.

Police found the Colorado man some time after the November 5 incident and claim that he can be linked to the 8 incidents reported since early September. However, when police sought to arrest the man on theft-related charges connected to the alleged dine-and-dash scheme, the stakes got higher.

A recent account in Deseret News does not indicate how police found the man last week, but when police sought to detain him on the theft allegations they claim that he was in possession of drugs and a credit card that did not belong to him. Police have not indicated whether the credit card had been unlawfully used, but it would seem from the lack of mention that they were not used in the alleged dine-and dash scheme chronicled in the newspaper.

Police assert that methamphetamine and heroin were discovered during the man’s arrest. Authorities claim that the man knew about the meth, but did not know that any heroin was involved.

Source: Deseret News, “Man suspected in 8 ‘dine and dash’ cases arrested in Salt Lake City,” Pat Reavy, Nov. 8, 2013

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