A Third of Utah Homicides Started as Domestic Violence
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A Third of Utah Homicides Started as Domestic Violence

A Third of Utah Homicides Started as Domestic Violence

A Third of Utah Homicides Started as Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious charge that can affect you for years to come. Being a victim or being accused of domestic abuse is traumatic. A Salt Lake City domestic assault defense attorney can ensure that alleged abusers do not suffer as a result of a misreported incident. Self-defense can be disguised as domestic violence in relationships where things are already rocky. There have been reported cases where a woman claims domestic violence was a factor when she was the one who had been physically assaulting the man but because he was bigger and had more muscles he caused more harm when trying to defend himself. A Salt Lake City domestic abuse defense attorney can help prove that it was an issue of self-defense and not of abuse.

Repeat Offenders

Of all the homicides in Utah in 2016, over 30% were due to domestic violence and many were from repeat offenders. The youngest victim was an 8-week old girl who was abused by her father. Homicide from domestic violence isn’t a first time thing. The offender usually has other instances of abuse, with many being unreported. Another factor that highly contributes to homicides is allowing convicted domestic violence offenders to purchase guns. A person who shows signs of domestic abuse and then purchases a gun is sure to end in tragedy. It has been reported that about 40% perpetrators had a history of domestic violence. Not all domestic violence is gun related. Other forms of domestic violence were drowning, beating, stabbing, strangulation and even starvation.

Staying too Long

Women especially live in fear and do not report domestic violence for many reasons. They fear they will lose custody for exposing their children to a dangerous environment where domestic violence is present. Utah has a large wage gap which contributes to the lack of reporting. Women think they won’t be able to survive or may lose custody for insufficient income to care for their children. The relationship should have ended years ago but because of so many mitigating factors, no action is taken. They feel that staying is better than leaving and trying to start over. The prospect of not being able to provide for their family outweighs the potential danger they are putting themselves in.

Not Enough Support

While other states mandatory minimums for domestic violence cases, Utah does not. Treatment isn’t optional to some especially when there is not a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney involved. Utah has only had two percent of women in domestic violence situations seek a protective order against the offender. Utah has not allocated sufficient funds to help domestic violence victims and help prevent domestic violence. The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition aims to help every individual who seeks help but it is difficult to do with so little resources. Lethal domestic violence can be prevented if mental health services are offered to both parties and weapons are not so easily accessible.

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