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Utah going after cyber-crime like never before

Utah going after cyber-crime like never before

People in Utah know that the internet holds unlimited potential for new technological advances that more and more people use on a daily basis. But they may not be quite as aware that with these new technologies come new threats to people, including invasion of privacy, computer fraud, identity theft and other financial crimes. Internet crime is on the rise in Utah and across the world, which is why Utah law enforcement has been beefing up their efforts, and their spending, in their cyber-crimes unit.

Because most internet crimes go beyond state borders, Utah state law enforcement has teamed up with the FBI to share information and coordinate their efforts to stop computer fraud in all its forms. According to a recent reports, Utah’s Cyber Task Force has been responsible for several high-profile arrests, including international hackers and fraudsters who operate largely beyond the reach of traditional state law enforcement.

Utah is definitely taking internet crime seriously. While law enforcement seeks to eliminate cybercrime as much as possible, it is possible they will over-reach. It is a common tendency in law enforcement to go after perpetrators of a new, more publicized, white collar crime more zealously than most usual crimes. In addition, prosecutors often enjoy “making an example” of people accused of these crimes.

People accused of white collar crimes, especially internet crimes, should make sure to understand all their legal rights in order to avoid becoming the high profile example law enforcement and prosecutors salivate over. With the right help, people can avoid penalties for the actions they take online.

Source: State Tech Magazine, “The Way Ahead for Utah’s Cyber Unit,” Nicole Blake Johnson, Oct. 13, 2014

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