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Utah woman arrested for murder in man’s overdose death

Utah woman arrested for murder in man’s overdose death

Law enforcement in Price, Utah, believes that a 26-year-old woman supplied a 39-year-old man with prescription medication last summer. Police say that the man died of a drug overdose on August 3. The woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder and other charges related to the man’s drug overdose death.

It is not necessarily common for murder accusations to arise after a person overdoses on drugs. But, criminal defense lawyers all across the country know that from-time-to-time authorities seem to be increasingly more inclined to seek a murder charge in drug overdose cases. The legal analysis that can surround any kind of criminal charge may involve complex issues. As authorities find new ways to apply laws, the complexities may also increase. But, when the stakes rise to the level of a murder charge, the need for a criminal defense strategy also increases.

In the recent arrest, authorities say that investigators found some kind of evidence that they could link to the Helper, Utah, woman. Law enforcement interrogated the woman about the situation and claim that she admitted to supplying the man with unidentified controlled substances. Authorities conducted toxicology analysis taken from the man after his death during the criminal probe.

Police say that the woman admitted being in the man’s apartment before he died. But police say that he was alive when she left the apartment with her daughter. Authorities claim that she should have known that he was overdosing, according to Deseret News. She is being held n the Carbon County Jail on suspicion of murder. Authorities also suspect her of drug distribution and child endangerment charges.

Source: Deseret News, “Helper woman accused of murder in drug overdose death,” Geoff Liesik, Dec. 31, 2013

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