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Criminal Law FAQ's

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  • Am I Eligible for an Expungement?

    If you are interested in getting an expungement, you must first obtain a certificate of eligibility in accordance with standards provided by the Utah BCI.

  • Can a Felon Own a Gun?

    No. In fact, a convicted felon not only can not own a gun but also can not possess a gun or weapon of any kind.

  • Can Children Sexually Abuse Other Children?

    The answer shockingly enough is yes. This actually occurs more often than people may think. If your child is accused of sexually abusing another child, seek legal representation as soon as possible.

  • Can I Press Charges?

    The answer is no. Only the State of Utah can file charges against individuals for crimes as it represents the state and interest of its citizens. The District Attorney (D.A.) will be the one to determine whether charges should be filed and the merits of a criminal case.

  • How Do Drug Charges Affect My Student Loans?

    If you are convicted of a drug crime you are ineligible for federal student loans anywhere from one to two years from the date of the conviction. If you are convicted a third time, you are indefinitely ineligible.

  • How Do I Find Out if I Have a Warrant?

    You should contact your local clerk of court (in any relevant counties you may believe there is a warrant out for your arrest). You can also look at the website and search under your name.

  • How Long Does a Felony Stay on Your Record?

    The answer is forever unless you can get it expunged. However, many felonies are not even eligible for expungement, including first-degree felonies, violent felonies and felony DUIs.

  • Is My Case Criminal or Civil?

    Criminal cases are those where your life or liberty is in jeopardy. In other words your freedom is at stake.

  • Is My Charge Federal or State?

    This is a very complicated matter that involves constitutional issues. Some charges can be brought in state court, federal court or in both court systems. However, the bottom line is that in general, only circumstances involving "interstate commerce" are considered federal charges.

  • What Is Juvenile Court?

    Juvenile courts in Utah have jurisdiction of all minors under the age of 18 who have committed a crime. Juvenile courts are very different from adult courts. In fact, juvenile court in Utah is based on a civil system instead of a criminal system. Rather than having the purpose of punishment the focus is on rehabilitation.

  • What Is Juvenile Delinquency?

    Juvenile delinquency is when a minor has committed an act that is a crime. They are almost always tried in juvenile court, although in cases of extreme crimes they can be tried as an adult.

  • What Offenses Are Subject to Sex Offender Registration?

  • What Sex Crimes Have Mandatory Minimum Sentencing in Utah?

    Mandatory minimum sentencing is described under Utah Cod. Ann. § 76-3-406 as crimes for which probation, suspension of sentence, lower category of offense or hospitalization may not be granted.

  • What Should I Do if I’m Accused of Child Abuse?

    If you are being accused of child abuse or child molestation, it is absolutely critical that you not say anything to police or investigators. Many times a detective may call the alleged defendant and say they are simply "trying to get your side of the story." What they are really doing is building a case against you.

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