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DUI App Launches

It seems there’s a cell phone application for just about everything. A new mobile and tablet app is the latest and is being offered to drivers facing DUI charges in the Midwest. While it’s not yet available for Utah drivers, it’s highly likely that there will be one released in the near future.

Details Of The DUI STOP Application

The new app, called DUI STOP, was developed to provide information to anyone arrested for a DUI. It provides state-specific legal information, including the state’s penalties for an impaired driving offense, a directory of drug and alcohol treatment programs approved by the state courts and a list of insurance providers.

The goal of all of this information is to help anyone arrested on DUI suspicion or charged with a DUI find answers to their common questions quickly and efficiently on their mobile or tablet device. Many people who are stopped on suspicion of DUI have little understanding of the law and the defenses to a DUI, but this application is one of many resources that is available to find critical information.

Utah DUI Defenses

Whether the information is located through an application, a DUI attorney or by word-of-mouth, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of the common defenses to a DUI. DUI defenses include:

  • Fighting the traffic stop as unconstitutional or without cause
  • Identifying flaws in the sobriety test administration
  • Challenging the Breathalyzer results
  • Offering to attend drug or alcohol treatment program in exchange for a reduction of the charges

All DUI defenses are highly dependent on the facts of each traffic stop. If possible, it’s best to record as much information about the traffic stop, the sobriety test, the Breathalyzer test and the arrest. The details that may not seem important on the day of the DUI arrest, but they may be critical to defending against a DUI conviction.

Apps and basic information are helpful but consulting with an experienced Utah DUI attorney is the safest route. Your lawyer can advise you of the options available based on your specific circumstances.