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Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes Attorney in Salt Lake City

If Your Child’s Future Is at Stake, Retain Catherine Cleveland Attorney at Law!

Children are our most precious resource. As a mother of two, I have a deep passion for protecting young people to ensure they have a bright future. I believe the welfare of every child is important, which is why I am fully committed to helping juveniles facing criminal charges receive the skilled legal representation they deserve.

Unfortunately, many children throughout Utah grow up under very difficult circumstances. Some live in poverty, and others are abused and neglected. But many kids also come from good loving, parents. Regardless of how they were raised, when your child is charged with a crime, it can ruin their life. They may experience restrictions applying for jobs, college, scholarships and housing due to their record. As such, you must retain Catherine Cleveland Attorney at Law to fight tirelessly for your child’s best interests.

I will treat your child’s case as if it were my own children’s livelihoods on the line. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at (801) 448-0683 to learn how I can help.

Who Is a "Juvenile" Under Utah Law?

Anyone who has violated Utah, federal or local laws before their 18th birthday is considered a juvenile offender. Utah’s Juvenile Court Act of 1996 established juvenile courts to resolve criminal cases involving minors.

Juvenile crime convictions can result in a myriad of harmful consequences depending on your child’s history of criminal episodes. The five levels of criminal episode history are:

  • Level I: 0 to 3 misdemeanor episodes or 0 felony episodes
  • Level II: 4 to 5 misdemeanor episodes or 1 felony episodes
  • Level III: 6 to 7 misdemeanor episodes or 2 to 3 felony episodes
  • Level IV: 8 or more misdemeanor episodes; or 4 felony episodes; or 1 person felony episode; or 1 firearm felony episode
  • Level V: 5 or more felony episodes; or 2+ person felony episodes; or 2+ firearm felony episodes; or any felony after community placement (including presenting offense)

After assessing your child’s criminal episode history, the court may administer the following juvenile crimes penalties:

  • Probation
  • State supervision
  • Community placement
  • Secure facility
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Community service

Passionate for Protecting Juveniles Accused of Crimes

No two juvenile crime cases are the same. When a child has been charged with a crime, it can be a traumatic and difficult experience for both the child and their parents. Luckily, during my 15+ years of experience as a Salt Lake City juvenile defense lawyer, I have earned a successful track record for helping minors put their charges behind them and move forward.

I help countless juveniles ranging from elementary school to college students overcome the following charges:

Most people charged with crimes, especially children, do not properly understand their rights. To resolve this, I work diligently with parents and their kids to inform them of their rights and how I can strategize to protect them. I am proud to say that many of the children I have represented have gone on to become productive citizens.

My responsibilities as a Salt Lake City juvenile crimes attorney include looking out for your child’s best interests from start to finish. As such, I am fully committed to developing the best strategies and utilizing effective legal resources to ensure your child is in the best position to succeed. When their future is on the line, you can trust that I will waste no time championing your child’s freedom.

Schedule your free phone consultation with me online or by calling (801) 448-0683!

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