Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney

Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you have been charged with a crime, I understand how scary and confusing this time in your life may be. Unfortunately, most people do not properly understand their rights, which can ultimately cost them their freedom. Law enforcement officials are only concerned about gathering evidence and building their case against you, making it crucial to seek representation from me, an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to fight for your freedom.

For more than 20 years, I have successfully represented countless people accused of crimes and obtain a proven track record for protecting clients’ best interests. As a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, I understand that simply getting charged with a crime can seem like the whole world is against you because an accusation can cost you your job or ability to purchase a home. Thus, retaining the right legal professional can make a tremendous difference.

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Defense for Juvenile Sex Crimes in Salt Lake City

Learning that your child has been accused of a sex crime can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. This might be your child’s first brush with the law, and the thought of navigating through the juvenile justice system and the possible impacts on your child’s future can be stressful. Just know that you do not have to handle the process all your own. Your child has the right to an attorney. Exercising this right is crucial for seeking to protect your child’s best interests and future.

As a mother of two, I know what it means to want to keep your child safe and ensure that they are not unjustly subject to anything that could negatively affect them. That is why I am ready to stand up for your child throughout their case. I have over 20 years of experience practicing the law, and one of my primary focuses in criminal defense is providing counsel to those accused of sex crimes. I recognize what these types of allegations can mean for your child, and I will fight aggressively for them throughout their case.

I defend clients charged with various sex crimes, including:

  • Obscene phone calls,
  • Exposure,
  • Touching of a minor,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Sexting,
  • Inappropriate touching, and
  • Attempts at intercourse.

Most of the time, when a minor is accused of a sex offense, their case goes through the juvenile justice system. Juvenile courts differ from adult courts in significant ways, with rehabilitation and protecting the community their primary concern instead of punishment. Because of this, if your child was alleged to have committed a sex crime, you need someone on your side who knows how the juvenile system works. I have represented minors facing sex offense charges and am thoroughly familiar with juvenile court processes and procedures.

In some instances, juvenile cases are sent to adult courts. Should this happen with your child’s case, I can provide the counsel you need. I have seen countless cases go through the adult system, and I know how to fight for my clients throughout the proceedings.

I can help you and your child understand what happens in court and what to expect throughout the case. I will also explain the potential outcomes. Although it might be difficult to learn about possible sanctions, I review these to give you well-informed guidance and ensure that you are not looking for answers from questionable sources online or elsewhere. But remember, an alleged violation of the law does not mean that certain outcomes are guaranteed. Rest assured knowing that, when you hire me, I am prepared to do what it takes to seek a favorable result for your child.

Juvenile sex crimes matters are highly sensitive and emotionally charged. I will handle your child’s case with the utmost professionalism and care. Understanding that no two cases are the same, I will develop an innovative and aggressive defense strategy to challenge the accusations against your child. I will leverage my knowledge, skills, and resources to protect your child’s welfare.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Police

Are you being investigated? Protect your constitutional rights. 

Why Choose Me?

Hiring the right Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer is an important decision because it can make the difference between regaining or losing your freedom. As such, I utilize a vast amount of legal resources to help put you in the best position to succeed.

You may feel helpless after learning about your criminal charge because, in many instances, law enforcement officers will try to intimidate you. As a result, I prioritize looking after your best interests to ensure you are given the best opportunity to fight to get your charges dropped and to clear your name.

  • Aggravated Assault Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • Aggravated Kidnapping Not Guilty
  • Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Minor Not Guilty
  • DUI Dismissed
  • Felony Marijuana Possession Reduced to Attempted, No Jail Time
  • Rape Dismissed
  • Retail Theft Not Guilty
  • Unlawful Possession of a Dangerous Weapon Dismissed

Aggressive & Compassionate Defense in Salt Lake City

When it comes to criminal defense, experience matters. For 15+ years, I have successfully represented clients from all walks of life for a variety of crimes. Further, I utilize a personable approach to ensure my clients are treated with the respect they deserve. Rather than criminalizing you, I humanize you.

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, my job is to formulate an effective plan to help provide the best possible criminal defense. It’s important to understand that Utah has some of the harshest penalties for crimes, especially drug, violent and sex crimes. As such, it is vital to have me, a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, fight for your rights.

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  • I would absolutely recommend Catherine to anyone in need of criminal defense.

    “Catherine provided an excellent service both to me and to the community at large, in that she protected a good and necessary law from being cheapened and abused by a vengeful accuser.”

    - Former Client
  • She does her homework and defends her clients aggressively.

    “She does her homework and defends her clients aggressively. She keeps the client informed and is able to negotiate effectively with the Prosecutor.”

    - Former Client
  • Ms. Cleveland is a fighter and gets the job done!

    “From our very first phone call, Ms. Cleveland embraced our concerns and gave excellent council. She made herself available whenever we needed her and she answered phone calls at all hours.”

    - Former Client
  • She is dedicated to her job and her clients.

    “Great Lawyer! From the beginning of my case up until now, she has been there for me every step of the way. She has always been able to answer all of my questions and put my nerves at ease through this very stressful time for me and my family.”

    - Former Client
  • Catherine is by far the best lawyer!

    “Catherine took her time, did extensive research and got me the best deal known! We all were excited when she told me what plea the D.A. offered after she talked him down. Catherine is very professional, kind hearted yet aggressive when need be. She truly i”

    - Former Client

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