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Stay One Step Ahead of the Police

Helping You Exercise Your Fifth Amendment Rights Effectively

You may be familiar with the phrase, “I plead the fifth.” What does it mean? The Fifth Amendment protects the accused from self-incriminating themselves by speaking to law officials following their arrest.

In other words, it is your Constitutional right under the Fifth Amendment to avoid talking to the authorities about anything without your lawyer present. The authorities include the police, school administrators and any other person or entity that can act in a disciplinary capacity.

When you’re facing an interview with a police officer or other authority figure, it’s hard to stay silent because the circumstances can be stressful, or the interrogating official may act like they have your best interests in mind, especially when you don’t have a lawyer by your side. You must understand that law enforcement is not your friend in these scenarios and they simply want to get information from you. Thus, you must stay one step ahead.

How to Stay One Step Ahead

All you need to do following your arrest is to contact my firm to sign a simple document. Once you sign it and have it with you, then you can calmly stay silent until I get to the police station.

If anyone attempts to question you, whether it’s a police officer, school administrator or another person who wants to talk to you in an official facility, give them a copy of the document you signed with me. Once the officials are notified that you have an attorney, they are required to contact me, and only me, for any information they request. By law, they can no longer question you directly.

For more information about how Catherine Cleveland Attorney at Law can protect your Constitutional rights, please arrange your free phone consultation online or by calling (801) 448-0683! 30-minute video consultations are available at no cost.